Healthcare costs

are on the rise

Smartphone adoption

continues to increase

Two Trends

One Solution

Novarus works HARD to make it EASY for you

  Here's what you won't have to do

Change your broker

We work with brokers across the country big and small. We're happy to partner with your broker or consultant.

Change your carrier or plan

Each Novarus EmployeeConnect deployment is tailored to each of our clients and their carrier and plans.  If you decide to change plans, that's great with us too.

Create a big HR or IT project

Novarus does the leg work for you.  We require a minimal time investment from our clients and will have a full app ready for you before you know it.

Pay for more changes

We include regular updates in our pricing.  So if the reporting we provide you shows a certain feature isn't getting the traction you want then we'll work with you to improve performance.


A Solution for Every Organization

NovarusConnect can help any organization engage it's members, increase benefits utilization, and reduce overall healthcare costs.  Employers, brokers, carriers, associations, and other organizations can all benefit from NovarusConnect tools that help users find low cost high quality providers, reduced prescription drug prices, telemedicine, and other benefits programs that they are currently or could choose to be enrolled in.  Our platform is completely scaleable and will work for a group of 100 or 100,000. 

There's a lot of tools to help you save healthcare costs

Why use Novarus?

Because Novarus makes sure all those other tools actually get used




The Novarus Utilization Strategy

An app for EVERYDAY not just a health issue
If you can't use an app everyday then you likely won't use it at all. 
Novarus incorporates your company blog, intranet, access to paychecks, and more so employees view the app as their company app.
DIRECT communication
Text and push notifications get read 3 times more than emails.
Any app that won't allow you to send push or text notifications is limited in it's potential to change user behavior. 
Enable the healthcare USER
If your employee isn't the decision maker for healthcare needs in the household but only they have access to an app, what good is it?
EmployeeConnect is built for spouses and dependents too.
MEASURE utilization
How can you know if something is working if you don't have any data showing you that it is?
Novarus will provide you with reporting capabilities that include app downloads, usage, time on app, buttons clicked, and more to determine how effective certain features are with your employees and work with you to improve the app.

The NovarusConnect™ Solution

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