Novarus is innovating healthcare, employee engagement, and benefit planning through creative, value driven partnerships, and progressive mobile and web technology.

We address common problems for employers through quickly implemented, affordable, and proven solutions.


employee connect

Employee Connect

Novarus EmployeeConnect™ is a powerful new service offering tailored to advance employee engagement. Engage employees using the number one access point – their mobile devices. The EmployeeConnect mobile app enhances communication with employees, facilitates collaboration, promotes company objectives, and drives efficiency. The app also offers essential benefits information for employees to access anytime, anywhere.



Novarus BERT™ completely eliminates the time consuming, cumbersome, and daunting task of monthly benefits invoice reconciliation. Invoices from benefits vendors are fraught with errors that more often than not go undiscovered. Through BERT, companies realize significant cost savings from error correction, ensure that invoices are thoroughly analyzed each month, and resolve potential errors quickly. Tackle the biggest problem you didn’t know you had with BERT.

Patient Connect

Patient Connect

Novarus PatientConnect™ is a cost effective service offering to connect, market, and transact with existing and potential patients. Our customizable app helps your patients select a facility, obtain directions, meet your providers, schedule appointments, and engage with other features of your choosing.

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