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Company Overview

Company Overview

Our focus on Payments

Our focus on Payments

The Mobile Revolution

The Mobile Revolution


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Value Proposition

The opportunities to improve patient access, enhance quality, and lower costs using mobile Apps and web services is truly phenomenal.

Tom Hearn

Managing Principal
Novarus Publications
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Press Release: Priority Payment Systems Teams with Novarus
Atlanta: October 24, 2013-- Novarus Healthcare and Priority Payments Systems team up with Sure aways. I the way online doctor prescription canada down curly the case: www.cochawaiiyp.org actavis »
Wake Forest Medical and Novarus Collaboration
MobiHealthNews.com:  August 12, 2013-- Novarus signs a collaboration agreement with Wake Forest Baptist Medical center to develop mobile apps.  Article link here. »

About Us

Who we are

Novarus Healthcare traces its roots back to the introduction of the first iPhone. Tom Hearn and David Moore established Novarus to leverage the more than 100 applications and 4 million lines of code developed by the legacy team to help make healthcare better, cheaper and faster. Our team is profiled here.

What we do

Novarus Healthcare develops 21st Century mobile apps and other technology for old and new healthcare challenges and opportunities.

Why choose us

Novarus Healthcare is a healthcare firm that understands the unique characteristics of the delivery system. Our experienced team of app designers and engineers can partner with you to complete your project on time and on budget.

Novarus affiliated Partner Program


Our Business Strategy is to partner with leading Healthcare Service Firms to provide content expertise and distribution channels. Please contact us for additional information.


Managing Principal at Novarus Healthcare LLC